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Excellent question! The first step is to contact us by scheduling a call above. We typically begin our projects with a discovery call, followed by a brief exploration phase in which we collaborate with you to determine the project scope and services we can provide.

Our target clients are founded early-stage startups, and established small/medium businesses and large businesses with critical UX issues. We collaborate with businesses based in the US, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.

The process consists of three major stages. The first stage is discovery, during which we learn about your product concept, company objectives, industry competitors, and end consumers. We next go to the design phase, where we employ a user-centered design methodology to land a final design. The designs are subsequently passed on to the development team for the final step. They will code the design, make any necessary revisions, and assist you in launching.

The timeline depends on the project and its scope. Our average collaboration takes 3-6 months. The best way to find out is to simply contact us!

The minimum engagement fee at Greensighter is $48,000. This is the minimum budget that allows us to provide high-standard services for our clients. We can start smaller projects if it makes sense from a business perspective; however, this is not a standard practice.

Every project begins with a detailed overview document that allows us to better understand your business, needs, and goals. More discovery conversations can be scheduled to specify project goals, budget, timetable, team organization, and other specifics.