How the redesigned website converted new customers that pay monthly


EdTech, Learning management system

Services we provided

— Design strategy

— Visual identity

— UX research

— Website design

— Design systems

The client

365DataScience is LMS (Learning management system) that helps students to learn and practice data science through an effective learning process. Demand for qualified specialists in the field is at an all-time high and traditional degrees are simply too expensive, time-consuming, or rigid to meet the majority of needs. Their mission is to close that gap. They provide high-quality, affordable training to open new opportunities for motivated individuals all over the world.


In this project, we collaborated with 365DataScience help to understand users’ pain points and improve the website visitors to users’ conversion rate. We designed their website to align it with the company’s purpose and goals.
The Challenge

365datascience had 300.000 monthly visitors but the conversion rate was low. We conducted research to identify the reasons for the low conversion rate. Through research, we discovered that the website is not optimized for conversion and the overall design was old style and unattractive which didn’t make trust the users. It was confusing for users to interact with the website to understand the value they get and they didn’t have the motivation to purchase the product.

The Goal

The main goal of this project was to increase the conversion rate of the website to acquire new students.


The new 365datascience website design is a strong digital asset, driving leads and conversions through intuitive navigation and filtered course searching. The strengthened user experience achieves its important goal: making it quick and easy for visitors to find exactly what they need. The new site structure and capabilities facilitate an appealing hub for their community. Here elevated site-wide brand storytelling provides additional trust and credibility for their community which acquired 12.000 new students that pay monthly.

“Aram and his team are great at understanding what needs to be done and how a product should look to attract customers. Their customer-driven design approach is very smart. Greensighter team has shown to us that they are a reliable partner for UX and UI with great taste for good-looking modern design.”
Nedko Krastev
Co-Founder and CEO at 365DataScience

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