Betting tracking application and website

Saas, Betting tracking system

Services we provided

— Design strategy

— Visual identity

— Market research

— Product design

— Website design

The client is a betting management system that helps track bets, and progress and sees where users making the most money and where they could improve. Users can import their bets from bookmakers’ websites automatically or manually. Users can manage and see analytics for all bets in one place.


In this project, we collaborated with foundational team and help them to understand the product’s UX issues, propose relevant solutions and implement them.Also, we design a Saas website and increase the conversion rate for user registration.
The Challenge had more than 10,000 monthly active users and we started our process with the UX research and conduct UX interviews. It helped us to detect that the product has a problem with user flow and it is not convenient for daily use. Also, there were key features that the product missed, and due to this the tracking and management were ineffective.
The main challenge was to design the product based on existing data and we should keep the main features and functions.
The Goal
The goal of this project was to understand users’ pain points with the existing product. In another hand understand how we can improve betting tracking and management based on solutions on the market, user research, and our expertise.
Our purpose was to create a tool that should help organize all bets in one place and track them in an effective way. Also, users can subscribe to experts to follow their bets and see their progress.
As a result, we created the betting tracking product based on user research and market data. UCD methodology allowed us to identify core problems and provide relevant solutions.
The product allows users to keep important information about bets in one place, follow experts, receive betting tips and track analytical data to track their progress. Also, we created a high-converting Saas website, that helps engage new users, and convert them to customers.
“Greensighter worked closely with our internal team, communicating regularly to provide updates, feedback, and insights. They had really good UI/UX design skills."
Oskar Blomqvist
COO at OBG Media

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