Fintech app that made mobile banking smooth and stress-free

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— Design strategy

— Product design

— Design system


It’s no secret that most people would like an app that lets them send money, pay bills, keep track of their spending, and invest in the stock options of their choice. When you need different platforms for each of these needs, it can get tiring.

The Challenge

Finances have always been thought of as dull and boring. One of the biggest challenges and opportunities for our UX/UI designers was to make traditional financial products more interesting and engaging. We used sound effects, motion graphics, and personalized, conversational language, among other things, to get around this problem and add some excitement to our fintech products. But adding gamification to a fintech app is probably one of the most popular ways to make it more fun and interactive. To increase user satisfaction, conversion, and loyalty we added game elements like waiting lists, rankings, and reward systems.

The Goal

Clico is made for people who have trouble getting into good money habits and would like to make their lives easier by taking care of all their financial needs in one app. It helps its users make a system that works and is easier and smarter to use. The goal of this project is to help people better manage their money by creating a single platform where they can, send money, keep track of their expenses and invest in a wide range of stock options.


We made the Clico app so that all of the web version’s features are also available on mobile devices. On the app’s Home screen, you can see all important info, such as your total balance, recent transactions, upcoming bills, and how much you can safely spend this month.


A modern, clean, and easy-to-use Home screen that lets users quickly look at their finances’ most important information. Unlike other cool fancy Fintech mobile app designs, we tried our best to deliver a problem-solving design where users will complete all necessary actions easily and intuitively without any struggles. As result, we designed a banking app that’s easy to understand and use, and comfortable for multiple transactions.

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