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Over the past years, people use wearables and various swimming apps to track their swimming and keep a record of their progress. Yet in this developing market, there are certain challenges we face. We are now at a point where the app isn’t giving the information we need to improve our swimming, and there’s no feedback while we’re swimming. 

The Challenge

In all other sports, it’s easy to follow a workout plan, track time, etc. But when you are in the pool it is hard to use mobile devices during training. Swimmers need a way to follow their training plans, track exercises, and monitor their activity during and after training.


There are communities and groups on social media and forums, but it’s hard to create challenges see other swimmers’ achievements, and share your structured training plans.

The Goal

Design one and only mobile/wearable app for all levels of swimmers. It should be able to track exercise, provide reports, and give feedback about pace, heart rate, laps, duration, and calories burned during activity. The app should link to a mobile version with more detailed overviews of a swimmer’s data.


Using the UCD (User-centric design) methodology we were improving the Swimmlo app at every stage of the project. We discovered the main challenges people face every training day based on user research (where we included professional Olympic and amateur swimmers). As a result, we created a user-friendly app that helps thousands of professional and amateur swimmers to train and track their progress.

Swimmlo is a mobile application that allows swimmers to create their training plans or choose from a big list of already created professional plans on their phone and then track it on their wearable.

Swimmlo automatically detects when you start swimming, identifies the type of swim, and starts to track your activity.

Also, you can create your community, have followers, create or join challenges, and share your training plans.

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