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How the redesigned website converted new customers that pay monthly​

By defining users' needs and pain points, we created a UX strategy and redesigned the LMS website. Which helped the company to bring trust, have clear visual communication, and increased sales.

Nedko Krastev, Co-Founder and CEO at 365DataScience
Greensighter has shown to us that they are a reliable partner for UX and UI with great taste.

Website that tells a story and converts visitors into customers

Improved website design and user interaction resulted in a significant increase in conversion rate for Direktiv.

Wilhelm Wonigkeit, Co-Founder and CEO at Direktiv
They helps us to present our idea in the simplest way and hook visitors

No-code design sprints that raised $2.5 million seed fund

With this effective UX approach, idea validation and fundraising have never been so easy. This is how using a design thinking approach and no-code tools, you can marry a strong customer focus with speed.

Valeria Albino, Co-Founder and CEO at Alcove
Greensighter team was crucial to the ideation and designs for the early stage of our startup.

Are you looking for a resourceful team of UX designers? Areas you can rely on us.

Product Design

Understanding the end-user customer, or the person for whom the product is being made, is the key to making a good product. Our mission is to solve real problems for real people by using empathy and knowledge of prospective customers’ behaviors, frustrations, needs, and wants.

UI/UX Design

Attractive and engaging UI/UX design will bring trust and convert users into your customers. To achieve these business goals we conduct deep user research and user-centered design. We didn’t reinvent the wheel, it’s the most effective methodology your business can benefit from.

UX Audit​

UX audits allow you to better understand who is using your product and define pain points and bottlenecks. By understanding your product, and users’ journey —step by step we can recommend relevant suggestions on how to improve it.

Design Systems​

The design system is the fundament for your big and complex product. A professional design system brings consistency to the product and aligns the design vision through the whole team. The main point here is to not recreate design components but make them reusable. It’s when you potentially save huge design and development resources to scale the product.

CMS Integration

Create a website without having to write all of the codings from the ground up (or even know how to code at all). Rather than designing your own system for creating web pages, storing images, and other activities, the CMS handles all of that essential infrastructure for you, allowing you to focus on more forward-facing aspects of your website.

The next great product can be yours

Email campaign design — We created an email campaign design for Surface Hub 2S for Microsoft partner Ingram Micro digital product distributor.

Email Design

Validate idea and receive investment — With no-code fast design sprints, we validated the idea and helped to receive fundraising.

SaaS App

Ongoing partnership — We have an ongoing collaboration with Seneca to help create a learning management platform for students.


Redesign the LMS website — We helped 365 Data Science to redesign its website and increase user-to-customer conversion.


Redesign bets tracking system — We analyzed and improved the user experience for the betting tracking system based on their data. Also, we created a new design direction.

SaaS App

Product website design — We had help Direktiv present their complex enterprise solution in the simplest way and create a product website.

Serverless app

User-Centered Work Approach

User-centered design (UCD) is an interactive design process in which designers focus on the users and their needs at every step. In UCD, design teams work with users all the way through the design process, using different research and design methods to make products that are easy to use and accessible.

Discover an impactful UX design process that delivers valuable products, removes friction in customer experience, and makes your users happy.


User Research

Market Research

Competitors Research

UX Strategy

User Journey Map

Information Architecture

Flow Map


UI Direction

UI Mood Map


UI Design


User Testing

Usability Testing


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