Website that tells a story and converts visitors into customers


Serverless technology, Enterprise

Services we provided

— Design strategy

— Visual identity

— Market research

— Website design

— Webflow integration

The client

Direktiv is serverless workflow engine for enterprise orchestration. Their tech solutions scales enterprises via event driven workflows. Today fortune 500 enterprises such as Dell and Paypal effectively use the technology provided by Direktiv.


In this project, we collaborated with the Direktiv foundational team and helped them design a website and integrate it with the Webflow, presenting a complex enterprise solution in a simple and easy understandable way.
The Challenge
Enterprise orchestration has become a very crowded space, just like most b2b cloud software tools. Direktiv put in a lot of work to understand what enterprises need and then made a relevant technology solution that meets both their needs and the needs of the established enterprise orchestration market. By talking to the CEO Wilhelm Wonigkeit and CTO Jens Gerke we’ve identified that their website was underperforming in terms of sales, keeping Direktiv’s attractive offer in the shadows.

Another interesting fact was that Direktiv struggled to find a UX design agency that will dive in deep to understand their tech solution and based on it design the website. They tried affordable and even expensive service providers yet couldn’t share their idea thy way they imagined – so Greensighter agency stepped in to help.

The Goal
The goal was to create a website that’ll present Direktiv’s complex solution in the simplest way, In addition, to emphasize Direkiv’s competitive advantage, highlight their tech solutions and convert visitors into users.
The Solution
We created a new convertible website from scratch, with an optimized user experience and CMS integration. We used 2d animations to highlight key features. To have a good performance and SEO-optimized website we used Webflow.
A big part of our work for Directive was using our thorough UX audit and research process. With so much focus on their product, the brand had never had the chance to put as much care into the user experience on their website.
We looked at analytical data, made user personas, improved navigation, and made user flows to make every page of their site work better.
Website and UX Development
We took a more holistic approach to making the new website by doing research that was backed up by data and working well with other teams. We made more than 38 pages and 100 different visuals to make it easier to explain the features of the product. We also added testimonials and ratings to back up the proposition.

Direktiv wanted Webflow, an editor and content management system (CMS) they were already familiar with, to be used to build their new website. We made sections that are responsive and easy to update, with parts that go well with tech colors and images.

The Webflow editor and CMS were easy to use and easy to keep up with over time. We’re sure that the client won’t have any trouble in the future updating and adding new content, pages, and blog posts. Webflow gives customers a lot of value and benefits, and it’s one of the most important CMS in our canon.
Within 26 days after the launch, Direktiv experienced higher metrics in everything from trial conversions to demo sign-ups, to custom offers compared to the old website. Thus conversion rate increased by 1.2% crossing the line of 1.6%. We continue to work closely with Direktiv to grow and improve their website, and we’re proud to be a part of their journey.
“Greensighter team was crucial to the ideation and designs for the early stage of our startup. They were incredibly responsive and worked quickly, producing high-quality designs and intelligent information architecture. It was a pleasure to work with them and they are true professionals. Would highly recommend them."
Valeria Albino

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